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Our activities

    We are engaged in processing  sheep skins at the factory,  sewing fur coats and other mutton pproducts. Nowadays to buy a fur coat from mutton is quite simple. Recently,no one heard about this fur and found it was almost impossible.Simple sheep goes through a complex process and receives an extraordinary kind, and incredibly practical. Beautiful mutton coats are not afraid of no rain or snow. Simply, for their magnificent view to influence nothing is impossible. When the fur is processed at that moment all the fibres become "water resistant" properties are like vakuum.These technologies make the fur another useful property: Mutton coats incredibly warm, if we compare them with other articles of fur, it was only a fox, and sable will be able to compete with them. Even in the bitter cold weather you will be warm and cozy, if you decide to buy a fur coat mutton it value is pleased with their availability.If you wish to purchase mutton coats, beauty and quality that you will be pleasantly surprised,Pyatigorsk company "Albatros"can help you,offer products in various price categories, shoppers with a variety of income level can pick up a suitable option elegant, comfortable and durable coat of such a magnificent fur, as mutton. We do everything to deliver to customers the joy! Also, our company is engaged in buying hides breed "Merino" from Australia, Uruguay, USA, Argentina.