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Slippers Prince

Size37, 38, 39, 40, 41. 42. 43
CompositionSlippers Prince
  • Коричневый
Materialfur, leath
Slippers Fur "Prince"
    Slippers of wool has long been valued for the fact that perfectly retain heat and have a unique healing effect. Prince Slippers made of fur on the basis of high-quality and rare Australian wool breeds of sheep - merinos. These slippers have high warming effect. Comfortable slippers "Prince" will be a great asset to you.
Goods made of genuine sheepskin retain the warmth and comfort of your feet, even at very low temperatures due to its unique properties:
  Thermal insulators - sheepskin protects against hypothermia in winter and overheating in the body warmer days, always keeping the temperature 36 '6, which is optimal for the body.
   Water resistant - wool is  moisture on the outside, and outputs it to the surplus from the inside, ensuring dry and comfortable inside the product.
   Hypoallergenic - fleece is  especially recommended allergies. Due  lanolin,  wool does not absorb moisture and dust from the outside and constitutes an unfavorable environment for bacteria.
In addition, the wool has long been used in the fight against rheumatism, neuralgia, pain in the joints.


   Slippers sheepskin does not require special care. It is enough to vacuum them, without delay, to remove stains and comb. Periodically to preserve the appearance, if Xpress, it is possible to beat, smooth a thin stick and coat again become fluffy. Regular shaking and airing skins removes odors and helps to stay clean wool.
   Washing sheepskin:
   Care slippers sheepskin suggests hand washing in cool water and using the same special detergents for wool, followed by drying at room temperature away from heaters. Store in air-permeable packaging.