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     Fashion for a variety of hats and hair accessories are not standing still. No wonder adults with childhood taught us the idea that it is necessary to wear a hat, so as not to get sick. A few decades ago it was not easy to choose the appropriate headgear because of the small number of beautiful and fashionable styles, because in those days it was not accepted Crafted from the crowd. Today everything has changed, and the shelves are filled with hats for every taste and budget. Hats, beret, scarves - on the species diversity in the eyes dazzled. In addition, fashion and fur headphones. They were the subject of desire and adoration sets fashionistas, and this is understandable: warm fur perfectly warms our ears, and wrap allows the headphones to be not only the subject, which protects from the cold, but also a stylish accessory for the hair, and sometimes even an element of hairstyles.
      Fur Headphones - a great alternative to a cap if you do not want to spoil her hair, and the weather outside does not allow to leave the house without a hat at all. In addition, these headphones can pick up in the color of your coat or a down jacket, stylish and beautiful kit provided to you. Fur Headphones are made satellites of various kinds of fur. Accessory artificial, though cheaper, but often quickly lose presentable appearance. But fur headphones will serve you not just one season. We can offer you headphones genuine Australian sheepskin boots, rabbit fur, but can be found for the protection of the ears of mink, chinchilla, fox. It all depends on what you like.