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     There are many names of this fur: Astrakhan lamb, Persian lamb, Svakara. All depends on the origin and mode of manufacture. Astrakhan came into vogue in the late XIX century. Then afford to wear a fur coat Astrakhan could only wives of senior government officials and political elites. It was expensive and only prestigious. Sewing only strict classical product of black and gray color. It widely used for collars and cuffs coat, hat and astrakhan caps. Special popularity astrakhan gained in the military 40th, affected deficiency of range. New life into this fur breathed 80's, it began to sew of the classic, long coats, ponchos and jackets. In the early '90s thanks to Ralph Lourenu scrawl was beaten in people's spirit. There were  very different kind of products on the podiums - tops and stoles, jackets, skirts, dresses, coats, handbags and sleepers. Nowadays, thanks to the achievements and progress in the selection of tanning, there were natural remarkably subtle shades of colors - gold, amber , platinum, from light blue to gray-steel. Youth models painted in bright trendy colors.Great demand is sagging black fur with a unique pattern of unsolved waves. Absence of long pile gives this fur an additional advantage - it does not obese. In short, the fur left from the traditional age group of women "middle-aged," and was confident to win popularity among the young and trendy, scrawl back in vogue.
      Coat of astrakhan - the symbol of loftiness and nobility!  To wear astrakhan fur coat is a sign of good taste and wealth. A century earlier coat of Astrakhan favored the wealthiest ladies. Tastes of astrakhan fur coat on and have not changed today.
      Made  with the   modern technologies coat of astrakhan is still severe, but more lightweight. Astrakhan fur coat to wear - the dream of this stately lady. The variety of styles of coats of doodle lets you choose the most suitable option.

Afghan Astrakhan

Black astrakhan
Brown Astrakhan