About company

    The company "Albatros" was founded in 1992 and is one of the leading manufacturers in Russia. We are located in Pyatigorsk city, Caucasian Mineral Waters, Stavropol region. Our greatest priority is our customers.  The action of our company is built on full meeting their needs. For example, in emergencies, we are ready to bear their own losses, but we will not allow suffering of our buyers. Our company is engaged in processing sheep skins at the factory, sewing fur coats and other mutton products. Mutton is sanitized, lightweight sheep. Mutton fur is beautiful, warm and long-used. We use only the production of Australian mutton, the highest quality, purchased on the world auctions. Our firm boasts rich and wide range of products of various colors, made by a fully automated at all stages of the processing system of production. Achieved provision is based on years of experience and research. We care of our reputation as a law-abiding, honest and reliable partner. That's why we have all the necessary documents in compliance the law. We accompany our coats and other with all documents and certifications. Our reputation is also one of our values. As we are demanding to ourselves, we are demanding to our partners.  Our competitive advantage - low prices. Why can we offer our customers such low prices on fur coats? Our secret - the reducing of costs. We work directly with customers and suppliers, it helps us to avoid unnecessary expenses, reduce our risks,that's why we offer our customers low prices on fur coats.

    Why do we work?   Although, the goal of our company, as any other one, is profit, we don't want to make a profit any cost.   We go the long, but the most correct way of building trust, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.    So what do we do?  In order to work on mutually beneficial terms with our customers, partners and to do the work for which one we will not be ashamed.   Company has managed to win a place of an experienced leader in this industry.   High competence of staff, procurement of raw materials from the most qualified supplier countries over the world (Uruguay, USA, Argentina, Australia), using the most advanced information technologies, that have never used before in the tanning industry, the high technical and commercial qualifications of staff, continually evolving in this area, constant communication with the most famous foreign manufacturers have let the company "Albatros" enter to the new millennium, as a leader in this field.